Easy Living–Part Four of a Series

hammock2After all we have said in the previous articles, what is it we want here anyway?  We want the same things that we would want anywhere else we might choose to live–a tranquil, safe, friendly lifestyle in beautiful surroundings with well-maintained homes and an orderly tenor of life.  Notwithstanding rules and regulations, degrees in philosophical ideals, or even the payment of monthly dues, it is the enjoyment of life that we seek.  The Trace gives us this very thing summed up in two very simple words–“Easy Living”.

The easy living referenced above is an apt description of life here in the Trace and is why the phrase is used as the subtitle of our web site. As long as we can enjoy our families, come and go as we desire, entertain friends, and do all the other things that satisfy our residential needs, we do not have to worry ourselves with regulations and by-laws.  We need to know that they exist; but, we can put them out of conscious thought when we are comfortable living within their parameters.