A Most Amazing Thing

Wow!  I have to show you the most amazing video that I took the other day.  I was testing the afternoon light with my GoPro–you know, one of those small action video cameras that snowboarders and skydivers attach to their helmets.  It is great for taking short clips around the neighborhood.  goproI was setting it up on a stand behind Mr. Paul H’s garage and had it aimed at the garage door when this thing suddenly appeared.

I left in a hurry and called animal control. They came and picked this thing up quickly.  Since it did not have a collar or tag of any kind, they took it to the Humane Society where it was placed up for adoption.

If you are looking for a pet, you can have it just by paying for the required vaccination–$428.00.  That’s $28.00 for the vaccination and $400.00 for the six guys needed to hold it down.  Good luck…mm