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New Roof Construction

River Oaks Trace Property Owners Association

1309 E Race Ave

Searcy, AR 72143

September 23, 2016

Dear Member:

Several weeks ago we had a thunderstorm move through bringing with it a powerful shower of hail. This hail caused considerable roof damage throughout the county; we were not spared. Our roofer, Billy Adams, inspected the roofs in the Trace and found damage that needed attention. We filed a claim with our insurer—Auto Owners Insurance (carried through Park Avenue Insurance here in Searcy). After weeks of inspection and analysis, Auto Owners has honored our claim and will pay for the replacement or repair of the roofs identified as damaged by the hail. In fact, we have already received a check for 90% of the approved amount and we are ready to begin work.

Billy Adams and crew(s) will begin work next week (week of 9/26/2016). It will take several months to replace or repair all the roofs in the Trace. There will be additional vehicles and construction activity on and around your home. In addition, Billy will be using a large dumpster for the old shingles that he tears off affected homes. Be advised that this dumpster is to be used only for the disposal of old roofing materials—do not place your garbage or other refuse in it.

We, the Board, ask your patience while this important construction progresses. Please extend courtesy to Billy and his crew(s) while they are here working. When the construction is finished, all the roofs in the Trace will be new or nearly new and will have been expertly installed. We should not have to worry about our roofs for many years.

If you have questions or encounter a problem with the construction, please call Mike Marshall at 501-230-3652; or, call your Board representative.

Thank you for your generous cooperation.

The Board, ROTPOA

Mike Marshall, President

Linda Landis, Treasurer

Kami Castillo, Secretary

Paul Haynie

Earnesteen Meacham

Donna Welch

Art Parsons

Beautiful Borders

The Board would like to introduce you to decorative concrete borders for your flower beds.  These attractive boundaries are made of specially colored cement that is extruded from a machine made for the purpose.  Various textures and finishes are then applied to the discharged product.  These borders become a permanent part of the home and provide excellent containment for mulch and control for the flow of water.

The video below shows a time lapse of the installation process and some examples of styles available.

The Board has approved a motion to share cost for anyone who would like to install these under the following conditions:

  • That River Oaks Trace POA adopt Classical Curbs as the sole installer of decorative concrete borders in the neighborhood.
  • That there be no restrictions on the style, color, cost, or size that a member chooses.
  • That the Association will share the cost of the borders on a 50-50 basis for up to $7.00 per running foot of border. That is, the Association will pay a maximum of $3.50 per running foot.
  • That the Association will pay only for the bordering of existing flower beds; Adding new borders where none exist now will be solely at the expense of the homeowner.
  • That this program is not a guaranteed service, but is a program of opportunity and will be available as funds are available.
  • That the homeowner must pay the full invoice upon completion of work. The Association will immediately reimburse the homeowner at the rate stated above; or, the homeowner may pay in advance his/her estimated portion of the cost to install the border. When the homeowner portion of the cost is paid, the work will be scheduled and the Association will then be responsible for the invoice.Please contact Mike Marshall or your responsible Board member if you are interested.


Contact me

If you have need to contact me on an issue, please use the handy contact form shown below.  This form may be included in special posts, but will always be available in the sidebar.  Thank you. Mike Marshall, Webmaster


ROT Logo and Wallpaper


I’ve been tinkering with creating a logo for the Trace; above are a couple of variations.  I have made a wallpaper with the logo for my iPhone and it looks great.  If you would like a wallpaper for your iPhone, or Android phone, let me know and I will send you one custom fitted for your device.



Daily Inspiration

What a joy it is to just walk around our neighborhood and see all the beautiful blooms and foliage.  I haven’t posted photos in a while so enjoy this little slideshow.  Some were taken last fall.